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Unauthorized reproductions of notes by Ursula on various topics, as I should happen to find them, and as my interest is piqued ....

On "The Word for World is Forest":
"Writing is usually hard work for me, and enjoyable; this story was easy to write, and disagreeable. It left me no choice. Writing it was a little like taking dictation from a boss with ulcers. What I wanted to write about was the forest and the dream; that is, I wanted to describe a certain ecology from within, and to play with some of Hadfield's and Dement's ideas about the function of dreaming-sleep and the uses of dream. But the boss wanted to talk about the destruction of ecological balance and the rejection of emotional balance. He didn't want to play. He wanted to moralize. I am not very fond of moralistic tales, for they often lack clarity. I hope this one does not. I can only say -- having been forced to endure the experience -- that it is even more painful to be Don Davidson than it is to be Raj Lyubov." -- Le Guin's Afterword to "The Word for World is Forest" in Again, Dangerous Visions, edited by Harlan Ellison (1972)

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critical resources: Tiptree Award | Wiscon | Broad Universe


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