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An Ursula K. Le Guin Bibliography: Juvenile & Children's Works

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Catwings (illus. J. Schindler) (1988)
Orchard, 1988;
Four young cats with wings leave the city slums in search of a safe place to live, finally meeting two children with kind hands.

Catwings Return (illus. J. Schindler) (1989)
Orchard 1989

Cobbler's Rune (illus. A. Austin) (1983)
Cheap Street 1983

Fire and Stone (illus. Laura Marshall) (1989)
Atheneum 1989;
When the dragon comes swooping down with its tongue of flickering fire, only Min and Podo have the foresight to feed it what it seems to want from them.

Fish Soup (illus. Patrick Wynne) (1992)
Atheneum 1992;
When the Thinking Man of Moha and the Writing Woman of Maho talk about having a child, two children appear, shaped by the friends' expectations of what a child should be.

Jane On Her Own: A Catwings Tale (illus. by J. Schindler) (1999)
Orchard, 1999;
When Jane, a cat with wings, leaves the safety of her farm to explore the world, she falls into the hands of a man who keeps her prisoner and exploits her for money.

Leese Webster (illus. James Brunsman) (1979)
Atheneum 1979.
A palace spider's extraordinary webs, which imitate paintings and carvings, take a new turn when she is thrown out into the garden.

A Ride on the Red Mare's Back (illus. Julie Downing) (1992)
Orchard Books 1992; paperback 1993; 1996 (ISBN 0531070794)
With the aid of her magic wooden horse, a brave girl travels to the High House in the mountains to rescue her kidnapped brother from the trolls. Draws on Scandinavian myth / folklore.

Solomon Leviathan or Solomon Leviathan's Nine Hundred and Thirty First Trip Around the World (illus. Alicia Austin) (1988)
Philomel, 1988;
A giraffe and a boa constrictor go to sea in a small boat and are swallowed by Solomon Leviathan, the ancient whale who swallowed Jonah and Pinocchio.

Tom Mouse (illus. Julie Downing) (2002)
Roaring Brook Press: March 2002 (ISBN 0761315993); 40 pp.

Tom Mouse and Ms. Howe.
When Tom Mouse hops on a train and sets out to see the world, he encounters a very special human who accepts him as a travel companion.

A Visit from Dr. Katz (illus. A. Barrow) (1988)
Atheneum 1988;
Although Marianne is sick and has to stay in bed, she is cheered up by medicinal treatment from her two cats.

Wonderful Alexander and the Catwings. (illus. J. Schindler) (1994)
Orchard 1994;
After being rescued by a flying cat, Alexander the cat decides to make good on a promise to do wonderful things.

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