Doris Piserchia: Biographical Information

Biographical Information

Doris Piserchia was born in Fairmont, West Virginia, in 1928. She was graduated from Fairmont State College in 1950 and joined the Navy, in which she served until 1954. While working toward her Master's Degree in Educational Psychology, she discovered science fiction and began to write stories in this field. Her stories have since appeared in Fantastic, If and Orbit. (from the back of a DAW paperback)

I have not written to Piserchia yet, out of embarrassment at being her devoted groupie, but I would like to interview her. Is she still writing? She must be, if she is still alive. Did she write in other genres, before she discovered science fiction?

Her books stand on their own, but I would still like to know more about her, and how her life led her to write such interesting novels. Was she, like her characters, constantly trying to overcome existential despair? What happened to change her between the optimism of Star Rider and the anguish of A Billion Days of Earth? Who were, and are, her favorite authors? What was it like for her, trying to get published? And would this woman as old as my grandmother have any advice for me or other young writers? She must!

(look up info out of Contemporary Science Fiction reference book).

Liz Henry

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