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A Laurie J. Marks Bibliography

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"Laurie J. Marks is a transplanted third-generation Californian now living in Massachusetts with her beloved, Deb Mensinger, her cat Evil Demon, and her dog, Kendall-of-the-back-yard. Her father comes from a long line of pioneers, eccentrics, artists, and unconventional women. Her mother's family were German peasants who immigrated to Chicago in the 1870's because when news of the Chicago Fire reached Germany, their first thought was that maybe they too could someday be cow-owners, like Mrs. O'Leary.

"Laurie has been writing since she learned the alphabet, and, seriously influenced by J.R.R. Tolkein and C.S. Lewis, finished her first fantasy novel at age twelve. Like many writers, she has made up her life as she went along, and after graduating from Brown University, for fifteen years she worked at various unlikely and disreputable jobs to support her writing habit until, at age 37, she decided she needed to have a career after all. She was awarded an MA in English with a concentration in writing by Northeastern University in 1996 and is now teaching writing at two universities in Boston. Her fifth fantasy novel, DANCING JACK (1993, DAW Books) was short-listed for the James A. Tiptree Award. Her sixth fantasy novel, Fire Logic, will be published by Tor in May 2002. Laurie is a member of a writer's group known informally as "the Genrettes," the members of which all write genre fiction and dye their hair red." (-- ljm)

Contact Info

Contact Laurie at: LJMarksAuthor@aol.com


  1. Delan the Mislaid (1989) - Children of Triad Book 1
  2. The Moonbane Mage (1990) - Children of Triad Book 2
  3. Ara's Field (1991) - Children of Triad Book 3
  4. The Watcher's Mask (1992)
  5. Dancing Jack (1993) shortlisted for Tiptree Award
  6. Fire Logic (Tor, 2002) - Elemental Logic Book 1
  7. Earth Logic (2004) - Elemental Logic Book 2
  8. Water Logic (forthcoming) - Elemental Logic series
  9. Air Logic (forthcoming) - Elemental Logic series


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