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This site is essentially a complex bibliography that lists and cites and describes sf & critical works from a feminist perspective. Plots may be described in whole, including details that would constitute a "spoiler" for some people. Works that are already complete are reviewed, discussed, and described, and consequently there are spoilers.



Index / Site Map: Detailed Table of Contents:

I. Bibliographies & Reviews
  1. The Checklist of Feminist Utopian, Fantasy & SF Stories: Authors A-K and L-Z
  2. Reviews are linked from the Checklist
  3. Other Reviews: Miscellaneous Books, not Feminist SF, reviewed
  4. Unreviewed books and short stories: A-F ... G-M ... N-Z
  5. Anthologies - Indexes by Title, Editor, and Series
  6. Bibliographies
    ** SPOILER WARNING: These bibliographies often by their nature reveal plot details. Additionally, short descriptions of works may be included in the bibliographies; these often include spoilers. **
    1. Quick Reading Lists: Themes, Characters, Genres, and "if you like..." Lists
    2. Bibliographies by Format:
    3. Recommendations
  7. Information About Authors
    1. Author Indexes
    2. Comprehensive Index to Female Writers in Science Fiction, Fantasy & Utopian Genres: 18th Century to Present (106K)
    3. Index to Women SF Writers of Color
    4. Index to Lesbian SF Writers
    5. Index to Non-English-Language Women SF Writers
    6. Index to Non-US Women SF Writers, by Nationality
      - Index to Canadian Women SF Writers

II. Research, Criticism & Teaching
Literary Criticism, Bibliographies, Research, Etc. on Feminist SF/F/U
  1. Criticism Bibliographies:
    1. Research: A-C ... D-I ... J-Q ... R-Z
    2. Related or Unevaluated Criticism, Bibs, History, Theory, Etc. (39K)
    3. Heather Whipple's Annotated Research Guide
  2. Useful Subject Headings and Tips for Literature Searching
  3. Journals, Newsletters, and 'Zines
  4. Documentary Films & Videos
  5. Coming someday: Full-text Dissertations & Papers
  6. Coming someday: Syllabi & Teaching Materials
  7. Coming someday: Awards
  8. Other Feminist SF WebSites - Related Material

III. The Feminist SF Community - Resources for Writers & Fans
  1. FeministSF News Archive
  2. A Brief History of Feminist SF/F & Women in SF/F
  3. Conferences, Meetings, Symposia & Courses
    • » Wiscon - Feminist SF Convention [offsite]
  4. Scholars' Directory
  5. Reading Groups, Fan Clubs, Associations & Online Discussions
  6. For Writers:

IV. About This Site
  1. General Information
  2. Feedback
  3. Changes to the Site:
  4. Site Policy:
  5. Credits
  6. Usage of the Site
  7. Search the Site (with Google)

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critical resources: Tiptree Award | Wiscon | Broad Universe


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